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                             ST. THOMAS AQUINAS UNIVERSITY.

  St. Thomas Aquinas University belongs to The Missionaries of Charity                                          Secular Franciscan Order



The Origins of St. Thomas Aquinas University on October, 2000, by Roman Catholic and Orthodox priests and 20 young men gathered at the somewhat remote location of World  to inaugurate what was to become the preeminent ecummenical seminary on the USA - St Thomas Aquinas University. At the time of its inception, STAU was the only institution of its type ecummenical of the USA . After years later  is no longer so remote and other seminaries have sprung up in the west; but St. Thomas Aquinas University continues in its efforts to produce men commensurate to their critical and holy vocation. Under the careful guidance of the Missionaries Fathers, young men (and some not so young) have been molded in mind, body and spirit to serve the Academic Community in the United States and South America.


The spirit of the Church depends largely on the quality of its priests. "As the clergy,"  once noted, "so the people." Years before, in a sermon given shortly after the dedication of the seminary, Frayer Jose Vidoeira concurred: "If the priesthood be weak, inefficient and wanting in zeal and erudition, the Church will be weak and moribund. If the priesthood be strong, the Church will partake of that strength." A solid seminary was of the utmost import if the Church in the World was to flourish.The importance of establishing a seminary was keenly felt by Florida).Dr. Cohen Arriving in Florida in 2000, was soon beset by a host of problems including having too few Spanish priests, and even fewer good priests. In the days of the Spanish Imigration, Florida attracted some vocations. Even before encountering these clerical needs, Bishop Muresan was firmly committed to establishing a seminary of his own. Prior to his arrival in Florida he had written, "I hope that God will grant us the grace very soon to have a seminary, that, in time, will furnish us the priests necessary to the needs of that diocese." Muresan made two attempts to establish a seminary - one at Mission Sui Iuris, the other at Mission MCSFO Order, both placed under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas. Neither was successful. For the latter seminary, Father Muresan secured the services of the Orthodox Fathers from New york .The local vocations that were generated for the Mission had to be sent elsewhere to study. Though few in number, they established the basis of a native Students in Miami. Unfortunately, the number of vocations was not sufficient, and Muresan went to South America for supply his clergy needs. He began receiving a steady supply of priests from Spanish Community in South America and Missionary Missions. Today St. Thomas Aquinas have Branches in many Countries, Special in South America. We are ecumenical, all are welcome



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